Rage Against The Machine – The Battle of Los Angeles (1999)


Rage Against the Machine doesn’t release rushed albums for the sake of exposure. Each of the band’s deftly crafted full-length albums has defined a progression in the group’s sound and musical vision.

Here, Rage has taken the dynamics of its unique style to a deeper level, as evidenced on “Mic Check,” which features gentle, unsettling guitar work by Tom Morello, who is deservedly hailed as an innovator of the instrument. The mid-tempo funk of “Maria” finds vocalist Zach De La Rocha telling the poetic story of an immigrant factory worker whose dream of freedom leads her unknowingly into modern-day slavery. Taking up the cause of death row inmate Mumia Abu-Jabal, De La Rocha questions the validity of his trial in “Guerilla Radio” and fleshes out his argument in “Voice of the Voiceless.” “Sleep Now in the Fire” finds De La Rocha making historical references to government greed and the darker side of human nature. Though other rap/metal acts may have seemingly copped some of its musical traits, Rage Against the Machine has a conviction and passion that cannot be matched by any other band in the genre.

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01 – Testify
02 – Guerrilla radio
03 – Calm like a bomb
04 – Mic check
05 – Sleep now in the fire
06 – Born of a broken man
07 – Born as ghosts
08 – Maria
09 – Voice of the voiceless
10 – New millennium homes
11 – Ashes in the fall
12 – War within a breath

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Rage Against The Machine – Evil Empire (1997)


1 People of the Sun
2 Bulls on Parade
3 Vietnow
4 Revolver
5 Snakecharmer
6 Tire Me
7 Down Rodeo
8 Without a Face
9 Wind Below
10 Roll Right
11 Year of tha Boomerang

Rage Against The Machine – Rage Against The Machine (1996)


On paper, Rage Against The Machine reads like Beavis, Boogie Down Productions and Butt-Head: an angry and enlightened rap frontman who preaches a multi-cultural alternative to what they teach you in schools and show you on TV, backed by a funky heavy metal rhythm section whose vampage and riffing pay direct tribute to the likes of the Edgar Winter Group and Led Zeppelin.

But there’s no sense of fusion here. Neither a metal band toying with rap nor a rap group fronting as a rock band, R.A.T.M. is four guys who were never told that there’s a difference, and who don’t care to know. The knowledge-is-good-but-schools-are-bad rap, “Take The Power Back,” gives way to a metal instrumental bridge; and the guitar that introduces the Martin/Malcolm/Cassius homage, “Wake Up,” pays its own tribute to Zeppelin’s “Kashmir.” The closest spiritual–but not stylistic–reference point are the alternative raps of the Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy; and Rage’s “Bullet In The Head” may be the best song about TV since the Heroes’ “Television, The Drug Of The Nation.”

Rapper Zack De La Rocha has a thin voice that sounds more like a bored suburban thrasher than an inner-city rhyme animal, but his lyrics are something else altogether. Rising high above the nihilism of both hard-core rap and punk, he offers not just good slogans for a t-shirt, but the promise of a system to replace the one he’s bent on destroying. His is a revolution with a purpose.

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1 – Bombtrack” – 4:05
2 – “Killing in the Name” – 5:14
3 – “Take the Power Back” – 5:37
4 – “Settle for Nothing” – 4:48
5 – “Bullet in the Head” – 5:10
6 – “Know Your Enemy” – 4:56
7 – “Wake Up” – 6:04
8 – “Fistful of Steel” – 5:31
9 – “Township Rebellion” – 5:24
10 – “Freedom” – 6:07
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