Dave Matthews Band – Under The Table And Dreaming @320 (1994)


On their major-label debut, Under the Table and Dreaming, the Dave Matthews Band is helped by the lean production of Steve Lillywhite, who manages to rein in the group’s tendency to meander. The result is a set of eclectic pop/rock that is accentuated by bursts of instrumental virtuosity instead of being ruled by it. That also means that the Dave Matthews Band is capable of turning out pop songs, and as the hit single “What Would You Say” and “Ants Marching” illustrate, they have a flair for catchy hooks.

1 The Best of What’s Around
2 What Would You Say
3 Satellite
4 Rhyme & Reason
5 Typical Situation
6 Dancing Nancies
7 Ants Marching
8 Lover Lay Down
9 Jimi Thing
10 Warehouse
11 Pay for What You Get
12 #34