Joe Satriani – Crystal Planet (1998)


Recording wih longtime bassist Stuart Hamm and drummer Jeff Campitelli, Satriani turns in an all-instrumental record with Crystal Planet. It’s an instrumental record with a difference, finding the guitarist taking more chances than ever. There are some familiar hard rock and ballad workouts, but what’s astounding about the album is that it shows his technique continuing to develop and deepen, reaching into new, uncharted waters. It’s his finest all-instrumental effort since Surfing With the Alien.

1 Up in the Sky
2 House Full of Bullets
3 Crystal Planet
4 Love Thing
5 Trundrumbalind
6 Lights of Heaven
7 Raspberry Jam Delta-V
8 Ceremony
9 With Jupiter in Mind
10 Secret Prayer
11 A Train of Angels
12 A Piece of Liquid
13 Psycho Monkey
14 Time
15 Z.Z.’s Song