Joe Satriani – Engines Of Creation (2000)


With Crystal Planet, Joe Satriani made an effective return to his signature sound following the erratic blues-rock detour of Joe Satriani. For the follow-up to Crystal Planet, Satriani is once again exploring novel territory in an effort to keep his music fresh, and Engines of Creation is the biggest stylistic shift he’s made yet ? to electronic music. Satriani has challenged himself to find ways of coaxing totally new sounds from his guitar, and he weaves them seamlessly into the futuristic electronic soundscapes. Moreover, his melodies and main themes have rarely been this angular and off-kilter, meaning that exploring this music has indeed helped Satriani refresh and re-imagine his signature sound. Even the pieces that aren’t ultimately that revolutionary are still intriguing, since very few musicians have the technical training and innate sense of musicality required to mine this territory. Overall, Engines of Creation is a brave and sporadically successful experiment, and it’s also a promising new direction for Satriani should he choose to continue this vein of exploration and take it out even farther.

1 Devil’s Slide
2 Flavor Crystal 7
3 Borg Sex
4 Until We Say Goodbye
5 Attack
6 Champagne
7 Clouds Race Across the Sky
8 The Power Cosmic 2000, Pt. 1
9 The Power Cosmic 2000, Pt. 2
10 Slow and Easy
11 Engines of Creation