Live – Secret Samadhi (1997)


Throwing Copper made Live stars, but it didn’t necessarily earn them respect. Evidently, the band thought that the problem lay with Jerry Harrison’s crisp, commercial production, so they hired Jay Healey as a co-producer and set out to make a messy, hard-edged visionary statement. Borrowing heavily from Jimmy Page’s bag of tricks, Live spikes Secret Samadhi with Eastern-tinged strings, sitars, and powerful, overdubbed guitars.

1 Rattlesnake
2 Lakini’s Juice
3 Graze
4 Century
5 Ghost
6 Unsheathed
7 Insomnia and the Hole in the Universe
8 Turn My Head
9 Heropsychodreamer
10 Freaks
11 Merica
12 Gas Hed Goes West